WELCOME to the LNS Institute Website!****** "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

The International Institute for Leadership, Non-Violence, & Service (LNS Institute) was in the works for many years in several forms, then officially founded in the Fall of 2001, by Mr. Lindy P. Crescitelli and Mr. George S. Anthony. The LNS Institute draws upon historic lives and events (including the Holocaust and Civil Rights Movements, Dr. King and Ghandi), while focusing on the present, with an eye toward a better future. Always firmly building upon the foundation that is our motto, "Learn, Lead, Serve".

Language and Name-Calling

Sticks & Stone ARE Words.

Two intelligent people can learn from each other in peace. Many of us in our world can learn from how these two turned destruction communication and name-calling into more productive education, through listening & learning by opening their hearts and minds.