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The International Institute for Leadership, Non-Violence, & Service (LNS Institute) was in the works for many years in several forms, then officially founded in the Fall of 2001, by Mr. Lindy P. Crescitelli and Mr. George S. Anthony. The LNS Institute draws upon historic lives and events (including the Holocaust and Civil Rights Movements, Dr. King and Ghandi), while focusing on the present, with an eye toward a better future. Always firmly building upon the foundation that is our motto, "Learn, Lead, Serve".


"New government figures show ... increase in youth suicides after a decade of decline.

The suicide rate climbed 18 percent from 2003 to 2004 for Americans under age 20 ...
Most suicides occurred in older teens, according to the data - the most current to date from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ...

Suicides were the only cause of death that increased for children through age 19 from 2003-04, ...

Some mental health experts believe suicide prevention programs and effective use of treatment including drugs and therapy contributed to the decline in suicides that occurred in the 1990s.

Funding cuts for school-based suicide prevention programs might have contributed to the apparent rise noted in the new CDC report, said Emory University psychologist Nadine
Kaslow ...

Psychologist David
Shern, president of Mental Health America, called the new data 'a disturbing reversal of progress' ...

The suicide data are in a report on vital statistics published in February's
Pediatrics [2007] ..."

The quotes above are taken from the writing of Lindsey Tanner (the Associated Press) published in the S.I. Advance on Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2007.

When we found this out we put this Video together with some
stuff we found on the web and edited it all together with music:

We HOPE it gives us all something to think More about and maybe even helps a bit
toward more youth suicide Awareness and teen suicides Prevention.

(The song is "I'm Just a Kid" by Simple Plan, if you like the music please go buy the CD or go to iTunes & download it, -support musical artists always.)